Hopefully, I’ll be able to load a couple of pictures from my recent trip to Venice, Louisiana. It’s a place where the road literally ends. There were 16 in our group, 11 of those from our church here in Decatur and we did have a good, if not tiring, time. The bedroom we stayed in slept 4 and there wasn’t an inch to spare. While the sleeping accomodations aren’t going to get 4 stars, the scenery at times was incredible. Wildlife was abundant and it was exciting and interesting to watch it unfold.

The first picture is one of the smaller redfish I caught. I was on a boat that was more serious about fishing than picture-taking so it’s the only fish I caught I have a picture of. There were several of the fish we caught that had multiple spots on them but this was one of the “normal” ones. That’s Spider fishing on the front of the boat. No one knows his real name.

The other picture is sunset on Saturday night. We were fishing in “Red Pass” where everyone was catching the big reds. It was the first time it was really peaceful on the water while we were there and a beautiful night on the water. (You may be able to click on the pictures to get a better view.)

It was good to get away but always good to be home. I have another trip to make in a week and while it’s tough to get away, it’s also good for my mind to step out of the normal routine once in a while. Now I’m off to Salado to visit one of our stores.