We’ve passed our time of giving thanks and have now entered into the time of “stuff.” The shoppers were out this weekend and today is referred to as Cyber Monday, the day people will shop online. Here’s hoping that the idea of thanksgiving stays with us a bit longer and that the season of gift giving isn’t about what we get but that someone cares enough about us to give.

It was a good weekend at my parents house with plenty of food, some shopping, football and basketball watching and more food. At church on Sunday morning, I reflected on growing up and the many people at that church that had a hand in raising me. They are older now but the smiles we share when we see each other hasn’t changed and the memories are as vivid as ever. One of my close friends I grew up with was there with his children and it borders on overwhelming to think he has a daughter that will be driving soon and I have one that isn’t too much further behind. I see him and still think we are kids roaming the streets of Tyler but I look at our children and realize how fast life is flying by.

The worst part of the weekend was Texas losing to Texas A&M. I wonder if the fire Mack Brown crowd is going to be back on the rampage soon. There were a lot of other coaches that got the ax quickly over the weekend. It’s a tough business.

This is my last year to coach my son and his friends in basketball. I hope I have given them so tools they can build off of as they go forward and I hope this season is a good one for our team. I’m going to miss these days of working with these kids but look forward to what the future brings them as I get to “relax” in the bleachers and cheer them on.