I remember when I was a kid, when someone said something that was hurtful to another kid, the offended party might say “take it back” and if the one who said the words did, it was over and done with.

For some reason, the “take it back” thought struck me yesterday. I wish there were so many things I’ve said or done I could take back and it would be gone. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we don’t use the “take it back” theory. Thankfully, there is someone who takes it back for us, someone who we can offend and He is the one to take it back for us.

I hurt for the times I have hurt someone and wish I could take it back and it would be erased from memory but I am so thankful for Jesus. I cannot comprehend what He has given me through His sacrifice on the cross but I feel like I keep growing closer to Him and His beautiful love for me.