We have another game tonight against a team we have beaten previously but they’ve got new players this go-round. One of our big guys will be out tonight so I don’t get as much rest time as I’ve grown accustomed to the last two games.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems like there aren’t as many lights up this year as in the past. I wonder if the warm weather or the early Thanksgiving have anything to do with it. I hope it’s not a lull in Christmas spirit.

Today is my wife’s last day as a student-teacher in the classroom. I think she is having mixed emotions. Relief from completing the requirements of the program while leaving the kids will be harder than I think she first thought. I think my son has really enjoyed having her around too.
She told me this morning that this time had been a blessing to her and I am confident it was a blessing to many of the kids she helped. I know she will be a great teacher if she decides to pursue that course in the future. In the meantime, she already has some substitute teaching jobs lined up for teachers she has been working with.

One more day of training after today and she will be certified. I don’t know what will come next for her but I do know this; I’m very proud of her for achieving this accomplishment.