My nephew, Drew, was baptized last night. I pray that he has many, many years of service to God and that he will lead people to God through his life and his walk.

Last night, I sat in our youth group class as our youth minister talked about the storms of life. I thought about Drew’s decision and one of the storms he’s been through and will continue to deal with – Type 1 diabetes. I have some appreciation for what he will face but I can’t understand it through the eyes of a young boy. As we talked about what the storms do to us and for us, I thought about the storms I have gone through. Some have strengthened me and some have given me the ability to understand other’s pain. I believe Drew’s storm will do that, it will give him the ability to help others, both to deal with the storm they are in and to look to a merciful Savior who offers so much. Tie that with his desire to serve God and he has the opportunity to do some great things for God’s kingdom.

I believe he will.