Our ladies basketball team from church won 1st place in the women’s division. As I understand it, there was a 3 way tie and the tie-breaker went on points and our ladies won by 1 point.

Our mens team took 3rd place in their division. Last night was a closer game than it should have been but we ended up with a win for our final game. I think if we played for 4 more weeks, I’d be close to being in playing shape. It’s too bad it had to end last night.

One of the nice things about the league we played in was not dealing with cursing or anyone abusing the refs too badly. Our team certainly had to win the award for best commentary during a game but it was nice that everyone played hard but fair. I’ve been in other church leagues that seemed to check Jesus at the door. This league was fun and uplifting to play in.

Thanks to Brad Davis for being the church intramural director. It’s not an official title but he’s taken on the role.