It was a disappointing end to a fun season for the Cowboys. I don’t know whether to be happy for the 13 wins or upset about the playoff loss to the Giants. I’m not much of a pro football fan anymore so I guess I’m not too happy or upset other than I don’t really care to watch many other games. I’ll be cheering for San Diego to go the rest of the way and if they lose, I don’t know that I’ll even watch the over-hyped bowl. On the bright side, college basketball is in full swing.

It’s cold and rainy in New York City. I know that because last night I made a quick jaunt through Times Square in the rain. Tonight, I decided to stay in and stay warm. My feet were already tired after cruising through a huge trade show all day so staying in and getting a little work done was OK.

Elvis is still alive. Yep, he was at the trade show posing with a pink Cadillac and singing. Too bad my mom isn’t here.

I’ve got another day of trade show walking tomorrow and hopefully a brief sightseeing tour Wednesday morning before heading back. I’m really tired of hotels and airports – especially airports. It will be nice to be back in Decatur, Texas, at home with my wife and children.