Several bad things are happening all at once. It’s 4:20 in the morning here in NYC and I’ve been awake for an hour. That’s not good.

The TV news program that is on at the moment is showing some of the bad American Idol auditions. They are bad.

A UFO sighting in Stephenville? I think that’s what I heard on the news today.

My hotel is a block away from the Ed Sullivan Theater where the David Letterman show is done. I walked over last night just to say I’d been there. I walked down Broadway and it’s not what I thought it would be like but Times Square is sort of neat. There are so many video billboards, it seems like it is daytime with all the lights.

The office building across the street leaves most of the lights on all night. I wonder how much electricity that wastes? I’m on the 42nd floor and all I can see are offices across the way.

The skyline here is crazy. I’d like to come back when I could do some sightseeing but I would not want to live here. Give me some space in Texas.

I got a $5 Starbucks card from one of the vendors at the show. I went to a Starbucks (it seems there is one every other block) and what typically costs $3.50 in Decatur is $5.50 here. I think the value of a $5 Starbucks card is that I get to use it more than once at home.

I think I’ll try to get a couple of hours of sleep now. I look forward to sleeping at my house later tonight.