Yesterday was a mish-mash of good and bad in my little world. I received an email from the coach of the team my son was going to play on notifying us that he had lost a couple of players and had decided to do something else with his son leaving us high and dry in the baseball world. A couple of us that remain are scrambling to keep a team together so our kids can play but feel like it’s too little time to get anything done. My son just laughed when he heard the news but I can’t help but believe he feels the same disappointment his mother and I do. He worked hard to make a team and then it just vanishes. It may be a good learning experience for him but he’s just 11 and can wait to learn about disappointment a little longer.

I had a friend come up to speak to our youth group last night. Tyler Bullock is a “kid” I’ve known since he was 6 who is now playing professional baseball as the AA level in the Atlanta Braves organization. It’s neat to see someone grow up, to succeed in what they want to do and see them stay grounded in what God wants for them. Tyler had some good points for the kids to think about last night and I appreciate him being willing to share his story and his message about keeping God first in his life.

Jaci Isham was baptized after church last night. What a highlight for a parent and a great way to end the evening at church. I’m happy and proud for Jaci, another great kid.