I am thankful for my family. I have a wonderful wife and she is wonderful for one, simple reason. Her ultimate goal is to follow God. She and I are different in many ways. She enjoys putting on garage sales and I don’t. I could spend every night watching a basketball or baseball game and she doesn’t care to watch any of them unless our son or a relative is playing. She’s a visual person who can see most things as a canvas ready to be painted and I do good to see what is right in front of me. We are different about things of this earth but we agree heartily on the one thing that matters most and that is where we want to spend eternity. That makes everything else pretty easy. Being that it’s rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day, I could go on and on about her beauty – the sparkle in her eyes, the quick smile, the 19 year old figure she has – but her true beauty lies in her heart for God.

I have two pretty wonderful children too. They are a daily delight and they both do things that overwhelm me at times. They are intelligent, they are funny and they really behave well the vast majority of the time. More than that, they have both developed of love of being in the church, being apart of God’s family and trying to do the right thing in all situations. They are like all kids, a little rebellious at times, very stubborn at times and forget to use their brains at times but that is nothing compared with their hearts. I have been richly blessed with two angels.

I have incredible parents – both my own and my wife’s. Two of them have been my guides for 43 years and two have been great examples for 17 years. Each one is a gift I cherish.

The Lord has been so good to me and my family is a shining example of that that I am thankful for.