We spent most of yesterday without water. Without going into a long, drawn out story, suffice it to say that a little rubber o-ring (basically the same thing that grounded our flight home from Sao Paula in 2006) created a situation where our water had to be turned off. Hopefully, we can find a replacement this morning and get the precious commodity flowing again.

I hear stories about areas where there is a water shortage and try to imagine what life would be like when we can’t get any of it. I’m hear to tell you that it would be miserable. While oil companies are wanting to pump their waste back into the ground, I’m growing closer to becoming an activist for the groundwater protection groups.

We stayed at my wife’s parents house last night and my daughter had early track practice today so I had to get up extra early this morning. My son is our only morning person and even he was a bit sluggish this morning. We were 15 minutes late getting my daughter to practice so I wrote a note that I hope keeps her out of the doghouse.

If you get a chance today, have a drink of water and take the time to enjoy it. Trust me, you will miss it when it’s gone.