While pondering my questions about the Lord’s Supper, I can’t help but go one step further and question my worship. I almost hesitate to type my thoughts because someone might ask “is he talking about me?” Well, my intention is to only raise the question of my personal thoughts in the past and present but if you think the question applies to you, I would encourage you to spend time thinking about it.

To the point, WWJD in this context asks “what would Jeff do?” What would Jeff do if Jesus was sitting in worship with me? Would I be more alert? Would I sing with more fervor or smile more or show more emotion? Would I feel more emotion about the words of the song? What would Jeff do if Jesus came to preach at my church? Would I look at my watch periodically to see how long he was going? Would I be wishful that he was moving it along so I could get home and watch a football game or get my nap in? Would I spend time thinking about whether I liked the songs or not, would my mind drift off during a prayer, would I dread the potluck lunch after church? How would I view worship differently than I do today.

There are many things about our current worship that I’m not a big fan of. I think we end worship on a down note instead of an upbeat ending. I think Sunday nights are painful and forced. I want to sing more “new” songs that engage our youth in the worship as opposed to some of the standards I can sing without thinking about. At the same time, I realize other people see it completely opposite of me and in many ways, we are both right so I can accept the stuff I don’t like because I know I have brothers and sisters accepting things I do like. That said, I go back to my initial question and ask myself how I would feel about worship if Jesus sat on my pew. I think I would have much fewer questions and ideas on how to make it better and would have a more intensive focus on what and who I was really there for.

I pray God will help me see Jesus on my pew every time I gather with the body to worship.