Today’s the day Texas gets to play in the political scene. I’ve lost my appetite for election coverage over the past few years but I think tonight I will likely be watching the TV and keeping up with what is happening. While I will vote for neither Clinton nor Obama, I will be most interested in seeing which one pulls out the victory in Texas and Ohio. While I don’t care for their politics, they have made it an interesting year.

I more concerned because I haven’t done the job in getting familiar with more local races. I do know I have received a number of recorded phone calls from a few candidates and that alone has made me less inclined to vote for them. If some politician thinks interrupting the privacy of my home and talking about how wonderful he is will endear me to him, that is VERY wrong thinking.

If you want to hear the Word proclaimed, spend some time at the Decatur Church of Christ. The past few Wednesday nights, I have listened to some incredible messages about baptism and the cost of bearing the name of Jesus from our youth minister, Jacob Baker. Rick Ross, our minister has finished a series of sermons on Heaven and started one on the cross and both have kept me captivated and motivated to know God and see His hope and plan for us. I’m getting the CD’s of both series to keep and listen to from time to time to remain challenged and convinced in my desire to be a child of God.