In my conversation with an 11 year old about the election last night, I was told that voting for one of the Democrats was bad because they were for abortion. He wondered if one of the Democrats was elected President, would there be more abortion. While we discussed the idea that the thing a President can do to affect legalized abortion is being able to place a Supreme Court Justice on the court who would uphold the current ruling, we also discussed what impact a wave of people who had decided to live more Christ-like would have.

For years, I have looked at politicians to uphold moral dignity for this country but for me, it’s becoming more clearly focused that politicians only do what they believe the people want them to do. Having a Baptist preacher or a Mormon or an agnostic for President want make much difference in the morality of the country if the people of the country want to live a certain way. All that to say, each day I am realizing that the more I can live a Christ-like life and affect someone else to live that way…well, it’s like that hair commercial from a few years ago where one lady used the shampoo, liked it and told someone and that person told two people and the good news about the shampoo grew exponentially.

I still believe picking a good person for President (or any elected office) is important but not near as important as me living in God’s will every day and hopefully setting a good example for someone else to live in God’s will and they affect two people and those two each affect two people and so on. Can you imagine what would happen to abortion if 50% of our country lived in God’s will everyday? What would happen to drug use, alcohol abuse, hatred?

While this may sound idealistic, I believe it to be truth. You and I can have as big or bigger an impact on changing the world today than our President. The question is, will I live to change it for the better or worse?