The title sounds like it ought to be a song, huh?

My FAVORITE time of the year is upon us…yes, March Madness has started with the bracket selection yesterday and once again, I will be wagering heavily on the NCAA tournament. My habit started in 1988 at Weaver & Tidwell, CPAs where a young man in the IT department started a pool on the March Madness brackets. I played and for several years always won a little money back. The trick was being able to watch every televised conference tournament and figuring out who the hot teams were. I even one the tournament in one of those early years. Lately, I’ve been close to the money but it’s all been a donation to the pot.

I’m back this year, again with hopes to turn my little wager into big money. Yep, I’m going to part with my $5 per bracket (I limit myself to 3 brackets at the most) and see if I can’t reel in the prize money. The guy who runs it is hoping for 600…yes, 600 entries. That’s the neat thing about this particular pool – most of the money goes to help the All Church Home in Ft. Worth. I know he takes kids to the Rangers game, I think coaches baseball teams for them and does other things I’m not as aware of.

If you like playing your hunch, you can go to and sign up online. You’ll have to send some money in and hope your teams win.