I thought I saw animals lining up two-by-two yesterday afternoon. Man, it rained and rained and then it rained some more. I am thankful it was a steady rain at our place since too much water coming too fast always gets me worried about flooding. Instead, I just enjoyed the sound of it falling and am thankful the ground is moist again.

I had the opportunity to take my children to a Stars game Saturday night and sit in a suite. It was a good treat for both kids and I think my daughter really enjoyed it. We had a pasta chef for the evening who made some really tasty food but it wasn’t his food that was most interesting to me but his story. We arrived 20 minutes before anyone else so he cooked us a sampler platter (shrimp, sausage, chicken, mushrooms, artichoke, tomatoes, broccoli and pasta cooked in olive oil with some garlic, red pepper and cheese – YUMMY) and I started visiting with him about how he got started cooking. He opened his life to me, his youth in Illinois as a boxer and baseball player, his wife and two children and a job with a brother-in-law that led to a conviction of money laundering and 10 years in a federal prison. He’s 5 years out of prison and still struggling to get back to where he wants to be spiritually, emotionally and financially. He’s going through a program in Dallas that helps people get on their feet, find work and get on their own again but his admitted biggest need is to get right with God.

His name is Doel and he told me that prison was the best thing that happened to him because he met God there. He didn’t enjoy it and wouldn’t do it again but the time led him to a relationship with God that he doesn’t believe that would have happened any other way. Since he’s been out, Doel said he’s been trying to do it on his own again and realized that wasn’t the right way. He’s seeking God again and wanting to follow Him.

I’m praying for Doel. What a story and lesson of what we sometimes have to go through to return to God.