Bear Stearns almost going bust. $3.99 diesel. The bathrooms at a recent baseball tournament. All things that are out of order. Not as they should be. Changed in a seemingly sad, almost painful way.

My life gets out of order pretty often. I drift off course and wind up bumping into things I don’t care to bump into. Stephen Covey, in his 7 Habits book, notes how a plane constantly drifts off course and has to be returned to the proper path, either manually or by computers that now figure that stuff out.

Last night, my daughter made me aware of a young girl whose life drifted off course. It was a girl I had coached in basketball 5 years ago and I remember her as a happy girl then. I don’t know her emotional state today but I think, I hope, she’s trying to get her life back on course. I hope last night was a step for her to connect with God and overcome the things she has been bumping into. I hope.

Way Out Wise will be out of order tomorrow. I’m headed to T-town (that’s Tyler to you non-hip folks) for a quick visit with the parental units. I’m going to do my best to be there no later than 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. That’s when Texas begins their assault on reaching the Final Four – it should be a national holiday – and I’m sure they can’t do it without me glued to the TV yelling at the refs.