I’ve had a lot going on lately but nothing worthy of blog-land.

I’m ready for the weekend. My son plays in a baseball tournament and I’m excited to get out and watch him. Now that I’m not coaching, I don’t ride the highs and lows of the team so much and get to focus on 1 child instead of 10 or more. I don’t feel the pressure of dealing with a “coach’s kid” either which is kind of nice. I still sit through all of practice and give him my thoughts from time to time because I can’t quit coaching altogether. I hope he does well this weekend and hope he has a lot of fun playing a game with some old and new friends.

One of the assistant coaches ran practice last night and made them practice sitting in the dugout, taking the field after a 3rd out and getting off the field when they got a 3rd out. I love organization in practice and love it on the field.

I have nothing more today. Maybe a weekend of ball and some time away from work will help refresh my mind and my thoughts.

I hope you have a great weekend and feel God’s presence with you.