I’m feeling them this morning. I’m tired and void of energy. I needed to walk last night and didn’t and I think I’m feeling the payback for it today.

The weekend baseball tournament wasn’t rewarding overall but my son did pretty well and I’m happy for that. He went 1-3 and was on base 4 of 6 trips to the plate. The first two games were ugly for our team. Errors kill in baseball and we gave up a BUNCH of runs and came back to bracket play as the last seed. The two teams we played Saturday ended up being the #1 and #2 seeds and we played the #3 seed in our first bracket game. What luck, huh? Our guys battled yesterday and lost 11-10 in the last inning. It was a great game with lots of real baseball strategy thrown in to make it interesting. Better luck next time…I hope.

I continue to wonder what will come up next in the Presidential battle for the Democrats. Will they play nicer and just have their mouthpieces do all the talking or will there be more mud-slinging between the two candidates? Does anyone remember who the Republican candidate is?

I don’t know what to hope for as this all plays out but I sure wish we could start over with a new group of people I could get behind.