For those 1 or 2 of you who read my blog on a regular basis, forgive my recent absences. My days have been starting off a bit more crazy lately and the blogs haven’t been flowing.

However, this morning, I was greeted by one of the morning TV shows with a guy who is pregnant. Turns out he used to be a girl and now she/he is wanting to have a baby. It’s all very confusing for me and the question I asked myself today is how I would deal with her/him as if I was sitting in a room visiting with her/him. It’s just so very weird to me and I have no idea what I would say or if words would even come out.

Growing up, my dream was to attend the University of Texas and play basketball for the Longhorns. That didn’t happen and I ended up at ACU with a good friend from Austin who took me home with him for a weekend. We went to the UT campus to see some of my high school friends and the first guy I see when I walk into the dorm has a spiked mohawk, mascara, a black dog collar with spikes, leather and chains everywhere…I just stopped with my mouth open and stared having not seen anything like that in real life.

That’s sort of how I feel with this pregnant girl/guy. I’m not sure I wouldn’t just sit there, mouth agape, wondering what to say or how to say it. I know exactly what the devil would have me say, the hurtful thoughts that could easily spew out of my mouth but what a struggle with is what God would have me say.

I wish I knew exactly what God would have me say and I had trouble imagining what the devil would want. Instead, I’ll be thinking off-and-on about God’s response for me and hopefully I won’t run into any pregnant girl/guy soon.