The Rangers pitching was back to normal (horrible) and our seats were just as bad. We were down the 3rd base line where the seats angle out just a bit and it was impossible for my son to see the game with all the people in front of us even though we were on the 3rd row. I think Neal McCoy was off-key singing the national anthem too. Still, there was a lot of fun stuff that happened yesterday.

1. Watching Josh Hamilton at batting practice. We got there early enough to watch the Rangers take BP and Hamilton was hitting the ball VERY high and VERY far. It was incredible to watch.
2. Challenger. A bald eagle named Challenger flew into the stadium. WAY cool. Even better, Challenger’s handlers walked right by us on the way out and my son got a picture from about 6 feet away.
3. Fly-overs always give me chills and the B-1 bomber out of Dyess did it again. A magnificent plan that rumbles the ground.
4. Watching my son with his 2nd/3rd cousin (I can’t remember how all that works) who is several years younger. He was great with him.
5. The national anthem. I enjoy it the most at NASCAR events because I think there are more people there who have fought for our country or, at least, been involved in military duty. 2nd on my places to enjoy it is at baseball games.
6. Being with my children. I love every opportunity I have with them.