Rick Ross, the preacher at our church in Decatur, is on a roll with his sermons. He started a series of sermons on heaven awhile back and then had a series on the cross. Now, he is leading us through a series on the table, the communion time we share. Each of these have challenged my ideas and caused me to spend some time thinking about what God has in store for me and what my response needs to be. As he talked about communion yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder what it was like for the people who had spent time with Jesus while he was on earth, what the emotion was, what the conversation was, what the thoughts and feeling were.

I am thankful God is using Rick to bring messages that inspire me to learn and to grow and I am thankful Rick is willing to use his talents to glorify God. Even more, I am thankful the body gathers around the table to remember the price that was paid for us and celebrate the glory of a risen Savior.

As Rick talked yesterday, I thought of the suffering Christ endured prior to dying on that cross. I can’t fathom how miserable it must have been yet even that suffering was only for a short time and the glory, the joy, the everlasting salvation that came from it is so much greater. It reminds me that anything I face, any troubles and obstacles, are temporary and nothing compared with the eternity that lies before me through Christ. Hallelujah!