This is about the Mavs, not politics. I have to admit I watched very little of the Mavericks season because I do not enjoy pro basketball and the Mavs brand of the last several years has been the worst in my mind. I guess I’m old school. I like hard work, fundamentals and defense – something sorely lacking from most of the Mavs play I did watch. In my useless opinion, Dirk is a great 2nd guy but not a good1st guy. I think he plays soft and shows little, if any, emotional fire but it’s not all Dirk. He doesn’t have the cast of characters around him that he needs. There’s no meat to the team, no fight. A bunch of guys shooting jump shots in a league that doesn’t shoot jump shots very well. I’m glad their season is over so I don’t have to listen or see them. Anguishing over watching the Rangers is bad enough.

Speaking of the Rangers, it’s painful and I wonder why something hasn’t been done to show hope for the future. Washington doesn’t seem to be the guy so why keep him? Or is it Daniels? Yes, they need pitching but the fielding has been horrific and Washington is supposed to be the fundamentals coach. Uh-oh. My wife got me the MLB package a couple of years ago and I find myself watching National League games the majority of the time. I’ll watch the Cardinals and the Braves with some Mets thrown in and I enjoy watching the Padres, Rockies and Diamondbacks for later games. I just can’t cheer for another American League team so I’m more of a National League fan now. Thanks Rangers.

I enjoy watching the Firehouse Muscle the most. It’s been an up-and-down year for the team. They take the field again this weekend and hopefully will continue to show improvement from their two good games in the last tournament.