I’m sorry but I don’t seem to have the mental capacity to offer much today.

Avery’s gone.
I saw a clip on GMA this morning about a softball game where a girl hits a home run and when coming around 1st base, her knee blows out. Some girls from the other team come over, pick her up and carry her around the bases letting her touch each one so she gets her home run. Great sportsmanship.
The Rangers won! The Rangers won!
I’ve been asked to speak to our youth group about prayer. Yikes! It’s one of those things I think I could babble on about for hours and fear I’d never make sense. I have so many thoughts about it but feel inadequate to talk about it. Pray for me to find some wisdom to share in a message God wants these kids to hear.
Yesterday was the end of the month. I always have some deadlines at the end of the month that I worry about making because I have to depend on other people. I got it done and now I’m just waiting to exhale.
I hear the Phoenix coach may be coming to Dallas. I could criticize him all day but at least he hasn’t admitted to smoking marijuana or started a riot in a strip club.
Last night in our youth class, 1/4 of the kids (I’m guessing) don’t normally go to our church. It’s the power of our youth to be willing to share Christ with anyone they come in contact with. From what I know, several of them that come regularly don’t have a church home. Amazing. I am encouraged every week by the young people at our church.

Peace to you today.