I believe in the power of prayer, I believe in the beauty of being able to talk to God and that He hears us. I believe in the necessity of constant, continual prayer to stay linked to God and to give Satan less access to our heads and hearts. I believe these things but find myself so often struggling with prayer. Making time for it. Feeling like I know what to say, how to praise God, what to ask for. Sometimes my prayers are asking for forgiveness and I am brought to tears because of the grace God extends to me. Other prayers are for my family, for missionaries I know and don’t know, for people I know that are hurting, for strength. I pray for so many things and yet, often I feel my prayers are so inadequate that I just pray for God to understand what I cannot even figure out how to say. And, I believe He does that for me.

I am thankful for prayer and my hope is that I learn to use this gift God gave me better each day; that through my prayers I will grow closer to God and that my prayers may bring peace to those in need of what He offers.

I hope you live in His peace today.