It’s one of those rainy, sleepy days. One of those days where crawling back in bed and going back to sleep seems really appealing.

I’m currently reading a book titled “The Shack.” It’s a story about a guy who goes through some turmoil in his life and his relationship with God. I’m not sure how I feel about it right now but it has some interesting thoughts on how we view pain and suffering and what God sees. I simply bring this up because of the cyclone that hit Mynamar, a tragedy in human eyes, and this book is making me really think about why God would or wouldn’t let something like that happen.

I’m trying to open my mind to God more, to get out of the habit of trying to only understand God through my eyes but to let God show me what He wants me to see. I have a habit of trying to figure out God in my paradigm of experiences and I’m coming to the conclusion that He just might not fit in a box that I can imagine or create.

That’s all I have for today. It’s Wednesday. Church and basketball. I’m headed out of town either Thursday or Friday so I may miss a day of posting.

I hope you have peace for today.