It’s Wednesday and I feel brain-dead today. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the rainy weather and a small desire to get back in bed and sleep.

How ’bout them Rangers! They played some really, really good ball last night.

They still scare me at 1st base.
I don’t think C.J. Wilson would be a closer anywhere else but he’s all we have right now.
Hank Blalock has spent way too much time on the DL the last few years to give me the feeling he will be a reliable player in the future.
Pitching is always iffy but our guys have done well more often than not. I just wonder how long it will last.

With the exception of those concerns, the Rangers are fun to watch right now. They’ve won the last 6 series which they last did when they made the playoffs (’99 I think). I’m ready to go to another game and wish I could make it out for the Houston series this weekend.

Our mission group is roughly 33/34 days from leaving for Brazil. I am starting to solicit your prayers now and will do so more the closer we get.