Last night was basketball night after church. I got to play on the team that won both games we played. Someone made the comment last night about people not realizing they are too old to be playing anymore (most of the guys playing last night were in their late-teens or 20’s) and I thought I resembled that remark. I have to spend more time stretching out and wearing braces that keep me from falling apart but I still love to play basketball. My leaping ability has degraded to the point where I’m happy to jump over a string so I spend more time passing and setting picks so the young guns can do what they do in the lane. The majority of my shots come from the outside so I can get a little spacing. Still, it’s a game I have always loved to play and it remains that way today…even with the aches and pains.

Jacob started a great class on prayer last night. He talked about making sure we are seeking what God wants when we pray, not just what we want. He made the point that we sometimes treat God like Santa Claus, just giving him our wish list and then going on our way. I appreciate what Jacob challenges our kids with and challenges me with also. I want to pray that God will use me, will work through me and let me speak for Him instead of just telling God the way I think things need to be. I want to honor God by giving Him control and glorifying Him.