Today is Memorial Day, a holiday I think really gets overlooked. Today is a day to remember people who have sacrificed their lives for this country, for you and for me. I hope people will stop to remember today, remember what we have and what it cost to achieve it.

It’s been an “exciting” weekend for us. The air conditioner has gone out, my truck quit running and the dog literally tore a hole through the fence and got out. I don’t know what’s coming next but I could use a break right now. I think I’ve got the fence pretty well secured. A friend from church who used to work on a/c units is coming over today to look at ours and hopefully, I’ll get my truck in the shop tomorrow and it won’t be too expensive to make it go again.

If I’m adding in my head correctly, we are roughly 20 days away from leaving for Brazil. That doesn’t seem quite possible but the day is coming fast. I ask for your prayers for safety and for God’s will to be served in our trip and for our families who stay home and keep things running.

Peace to you today.