Do you ever get that feeling that the walls are closing in on you? I had that feeling this morning – the pressure that comes with forgetting to turn things over to God, the pressure from thinking I am in control, that I can handle all my problems and issues I have to deal with.

I am slowly, very slowly, learning the peace that can come when I put more trust in God; when I seek His help and turn over my worries, when I quit spending my time trying to think through everything and I spend more time talking to God. I wonder why I don’t let go, why I let the stress and pressure of doing it all myself beat me down.

I have to make a trip to Ft. Worth today for a business problem and I hope to spend some of that time in the car visiting with God, asking for His help and thanking Him for caring so much about me. I believe if I can do that, the walls will start pushing back out, the light will come in and I will feel lighter and peaceful.