A thought that has been rolling around in my head since returning from Brazil is “what did we learn while we were there?” We saw several things while we visited a foreign country – from poverty to joy, from sensual influences to pure love. I guess my question isn’t as much about what we learned as it is about how our lives will be affected, how they will be changed as Christians. I hope my life is changing everyday – more towards Christ and away from evil. It’s hard at times though. I get desensitized to so much of what is around me, to the hurting, to the hungry, to the poor, to evil. I see it so much it becomes a blur in the speed of life. Too often it happens with those closest to me also. I don’t slow down to see them and to hear them. I bounce from one thing to another lost in a sea of business – not hearing God. I hope our trip opened many eyes and is working on many hearts. I know it happens to me each time I visit and I thank God for the opportunity I had that let’s Him into my heart more and more.

From one trip to another. I am headed out of town again this week and hoping my destination still has little, if any, cell phone service or Internet access. It’s nice to get away and decompress, to stop living in the things that occupy my day and see God’s glory around me. I may get another posting or two up before I leave but if not, I hope you live in the peace of God and His forgiveness and mercy.