It seems like the 6 days since I came back from vacation have flown by. I’ve still got so much work to do and it seems like a lot has been done. I remember the 2 week vacations we used to take when I was a kid and can’t imagine what it would be like to come back in the office after two full weeks – but I might still like to try!

I wonder what the attendance figures will do at Ranger games after Josh Hamilton’s show at the All-Star Weekend. I’m ready to get back out to the ballpark and hope they have installed air conditioning units in the seats. I talked to a guy who went to the game last Sunday, a day game, and he lasted about 6 innings before the heat drove him out. Yikes.

The price of crude oil has been dropping. Yahoo! I wonder how long it will last and when it will show up at the pump? I noticed diesel in Decatur was 20 cents a gallon higher than in Saginaw yesterday. It almost seems like it’s worth a 20 mile drive to buy diesel. Crazy.

Have a great weekend.