Last night, I took my son to a Best Buy store to find a game he wanted. They didn’t have the game but what disappointed me was the poor service we got when asking about the game. The answer was basically “we don’t have any and don’t know when we’ll get it.” No offer to call another store, no offer to find out when it would come in. Nothing. We did have one employee tell us on the way out that a truck would be coming in the next few days but she didn’t know what would be on it. I don’t expect much service in stores anymore but last night fell below what I wanted.

We came home to watch the Rangers and that didn’t go well either. They are playing lowly Seattle and couldn’t win. The had 1 out with men on 2nd and 3rd and couldn’t get them home. Vasquez got thrown out at 3rd and then Josh Hamilton struck out to end the inning. Hamilton has created an expectation of home runs and you could almost feel the air go out of the stadium through the TV when he struck out.

It’s still hot outside. I walked last night around 9:00pm and it seemed like there was a bit of humidity in the air to add to the late night heat. I don’t know much about global warming (actually, I think it is an issue somewhere between the “sky-is-falling liberals” and the “ignore it and maybe it will go away conservatives”) but the part of the globe I was standing on last night was HOT.

Time to go to work. Have a good day.