It was almost another comeback night. The Rangers lost but made it a bit exciting in the 9th.

Is Gagne still pitching? I don’t hear his name anymore.

I really thought the Rangers would make a move before the trade deadline. I’m surprised it didn’t happen but glad they didn’t make a trade just to make one. I wonder how much influence Nolan Ryan has in who stays and who goes. I’m not sure what the President of a baseball team does.

Rumor has it Nolan and “W” are going to buy into the Rangers when Bush comes back from the White House. Not sure if Hicks stays or not and I heard it from a source who is on the way out fringes of the baseball world.

I love the Bible verse today. “God is my refuge…” Daily I am realizing how far away from God I have been. I feel like I have danced with God at an intellectual level for some time but have not really known God. I hope that is changing daily and I think it is. I want a real relationship with Him that goes beyond anything I have known or can imagine even today.

I hope you find peace in your day and joy in your heart.