Saturday was a rather warm day but it was the day my son and I got to play catch in the outfield of the Rangers ballpark. It is amazing to stand out in centerfield and see how much real estate those outfielders have to cover and it’s amazing to realize how far a baseball has to travel to make it 400 feet. While all that was fun, it was just the time throwing a ball with my son that was the best part of the whole day.

If I only knew then what I know now. Ever made that comment? Experience is a great teacher but sometimes the experience gaining part of the lesson isn’t so great. The closer I grow to God and the more I move my focus and desire from what I want to get done to what He wants me to do, I realize that I have learned a lifetime of lessons that would I have had my eyes and heart open to God, would have been much easier learned. I hope the next 43 years are approached with my relationship with God in check before I think about anything else.