Have you ever struggled talking to God? I feel that at times, that my requests are all the same, that my words are not appropriate, that I’ve overextended my prayer minutes and God can’t fit me in again (I’m picturing God looking at His called ID and groaning, “not him again”). Sometimes I have trouble and all I can ask is that God look into my heart and hear my plea. The Bible says the Holy Spirit groans for us so that God will hear our plea. I am thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit that God gave to me.

I know God hears me. I know He doesn’t check called ID but I still struggle at times. I wonder why that is? I’ll give Satan some of the credit. As I come to truly believe there is a spiritual battle being fought in me and around me this very second, believe that anything that comes between me and God is an attack from Satan’s demons on my heart wanting me to believe God isn’t listening; that He doesn’t have time for me.

The war has been won but the battles are still being fought. I will have struggles but know there is something awaiting me that is wonderful and I can take hold of it today if I keep my heart open to God’s will and desire for me. I may struggle but He will pick me up if I just extend my hand. There is joy in knowing that.

Favre to the NY Jets. Whoopee. I guess that will be the story of the football year. Jerry Jones must be fuming. 🙂