My little girl runs cross country. That means that every morning except Sunday, her mother or I (or both) are up at 5:30 A.M. to take her to practice. This makes for some very long days, especially when I may not get to sleep until 11:00 or later at night. I could moan and groan about it I suppose – and sometimes do – but the fact that my daughter is out running miles and miles is motivation to me. I know she doesn’t always enjoy it because sleeping late is more her style but most days she comes in with a great attitude, she’s incredibly fit and I love to watch her run when she kicks it in. She almost glides over the ground. The thing is, even though she rather be sleeping, she keeps pushing, keeps going forward, keeps working hard. For that, I thank her because she is an example to me. Thank you girlfriend!

The Rangers split 4 games with the Yankees. David Murphy is hurt and I’m wondering how that will impact his Rookie of the Year chances. I hope it doesn’t because he has played as well as anybody and better than anyone expected from him a year ago. I think everyone holds their breath when Josh Hamilton comes to the plate and the game on the line. It’s like we all expect a home run everytime he swings. That’s a lot of pressure on one guy but I suppose he may not feel it. I wonder what the Rangers will have to do to get 2 or 3 great pitchers in here. I think it will cost billions.

Have a great weekend. Seek God.