It was pouring hydrogen and oxygen this morning. It’s great other than I have Rangers tickets tonight. All in all, I wouldn’t mind a rain out if it keeps the temperatures down awhile longer.

Rumor has it the Cowboys have played a couple of preseason games. I haven’t seen a lick of it and haven’t been watching the news lately due to the Rangers and Olympics. Does Romo and TO still play for the Cowboys? I’m truly oblivious and couldn’t care less.

The Rangers are stinking it up. I’m trying to remember why I’m going tonight.

I missed the debate with McCain and Obama at the church in California this past weekend but wish I would have seen it. I’ve read stories about how impressed people are with Obama’s compassion for people. I can only assume it is genuine and hope that the idea of compassion comes through in the final results of the winner.

People get so mad about candidates changing their thoughts or positions on different things but I wonder who never changes a little. As I grow closer to God, as I think I come to understand Him more and what it takes for me to live Christ-like, my compassion for people is growing. I’m not just talking about people who are going through life’s ups and downs but people who are truly in the grip of evil.

I think I’ve reached a point where I would question a candidate who hasn’t changed their thoughts at all in the past 10 years – especially where it comes to social justice. Obama still isn’t my candidate but I think the party I tend to vote for more often certainly needs to be more compassionate.