I got a primetime speaking slot last night. Jacob is out of town and asked me to teach the youth class. It’s the Wednesday after school starts so most everyone is back and we had somewhere over 40 in class last night. Way cool. I love these guys because I look at them and see hope. I hear prayer requests like “pray that our youth group will reach out to be at school” and I look around to see several visitors that our kids bring with them. I have high hopes for what these young people are doing today and will do in the future for the kingdom. They encourage me. They lift me up and push me forward in my walk. They challenge me in many ways. I am thankful for my time with them. I hope God is using me to help them but I know, I feel it, that he is using them to help me.

Put Bill Clinton in front of a camera and he is just good. I heard most of his speech last night and the guy is talented. He was better than the VP-elect but I guess they couldn’t let Bill upstage him. If I was inclined to vote for Obama, I think Bill would have sealed the deal last night. I didn’t care for him as a President and I don’t think he really engineered all he takes credit for but the guy can speak in front of a crowd.

The news hit last night that McCain has picked his running mate. I’ve heard pro-life and pro-choice candidates, men and women, Republicans and Democrats. I wonder who it will be.

The thing that makes me feel bad for our country is that I don’t think the running mates of either nominee make much of a difference and I don’t think things will change much (other than tax rates) whichever candidate is elected. The world didn’t come to an end with Clinton was President even though that’s what we were told and all things considered, things haven’t been so great with Bush in office.

I think there is room for a lot of social changes and tax changes and health care changes. Universal health care scares me but I’m also tired of paying 5-figures for health care and medicines every year. I’m highly interested in the election but in the end I don’t think either candidate is going to have much impact on my life. Do you?