At the moment, I am sitting in the Denver airport waiting on my delayed flight and looking at the Rocky Mountains. They are beautiful and I appreciate the time I have to sit and just take in their magnificence. I’m caught with the thoughts of mountains and valleys and how there are times we are on top of those mountains and other times when we are at the lowest point, looking up and wondering how we will ever get back to the top.

In the past, I have experienced those highs and lows and when I was at my lowest, I spent a lot of time and energy figuring out what I would do to start crawling back to the top. As I worked my way up and slid back down again, I learned the futility of not ascending the mountain with a guide – someone who knew the way and knew how to get me to the top. Over the past few years, I have learned to turn my journey over to a guide, to be led towards the top of the mountain. It doesn’t may the path hasn’t been steep or rocky or hard to climb. At times, I’ve lost sight of the guide and found myself sliding back down the mountain as I tried to navigate my own path.

Today I am more focused than ever on relying on my guide, God, to lead me. I am convinced my way will only lead to a long and painful tumble down the mountain but that God will help direct me, even pull me at times, up the mountain. Even better, letting God guide me will get me to the top of the mountain with the most majestic view – not always the mountain I was climbing.

I know I am still going to encounter some rough patches getting up the mountain. There will be pain in the climbing but I am ready to endure what I need to endure to get to the place that God wants to show me.