Yesterday I wrote about a leader that is out front and in public. That’s how we typically see leadership – people who are seen – yet so often leaders are working in the background exemplifying servant-likeness quietly.

We hosted our youth group over the weekend and my wife did a great job of preparing everything needed to have them at our house. Yesterday I saw it again in the people behind the scenes preparing for the young men and women at the FCA breakfast.

Servant leaders aren’t always vocal, aren’t always out front but they provide example and leadership in their service. Where would we be without them?

Sarah Palin sure seems to have shaken up the political machinery and Obama seems to be spending a lot of time focusing on her. Isn’t she the VP candidate? I don’t know what all the VP does as long as the President is alive but they don’t seem to have much impact on the direction of our country. I wonder if Obama’s strategy of going after her will help him.

I am still getting crazy emails about Obama and other things politics. I love email and I hate email.

The Decatur Eagles 7th grade team won their first game yesterday. Props to my nephew. He was playing linebacker and spent some time at QB too. Another of our good friends played QB and blazed his way to a touchdown too. (Sorry for not giving glowing accolades but I typically don’t use names of children on my blog – but you know who you are…I hope.)

Isn’t the rain wonderful?