Last night our class discussion was about why we are too often stuck in the middle – stuck between hot and cold finding ourselves just lukewarm. The middle of what you ask? In the middle between good and evil, Heaven and hell, God and satan. What would lead us to the middle, committing to neither but bouncing back and forth?

I’ve been there and I don’t want to go there again. There are times I feel like I have glimpsed the edges of hell and I don’t want to experience that again but I still find myself at times sliding to the middle – thinking things I shouldn’t think, saying things I should say – stepping away from the love and grace and care of a God who loves me unconditionally. Why does He allow me to slip to the middle? Why doesn’t he jerk me back to safety? Why doesn’t He just eliminate the evil around me?

The beauty of our God is seen in his willingness to let us decide for ourselves what we want but to always have his arms extended and open; whether we seek Him first or whether we are returning from our turn in the pig sty.

I thank God for His love and His mercy, for His constant desire to be in my presence and allow me to be in His. I am the prodigal son, I have squandered so much of my time and riches He has given me but He welcomes me back, gives me a robe and sandals and a ring and prepares a feast for me. He is loving and compassionate, caring and giving. He is the Lord.