Here’s a link to a YouTube video that is great. It’s a kid who is in the DISD addressing the teachers. I don’t know his name but it may one day start with “President”.


I’m almost over the allergy hump. I’m still having trouble sleeping with the pressure in my head but I’m feeling better every day. For those of you who have always suffered from allergies – my apologies for ignoring your pain. I’ve only been affected over the past couple of years and this has been the worst.

I’m ready for the baseball playoffs. I’ve shifted my allegiance for the end of the year from the Rangers to the Cubs. My son is pulling for the Mets.

The Cowboys put a whooping on the Packers. I’m tempted to offer a wager of a Diet Dr. Pepper that the Cowboys fold in the playoffs again but then I heard the sports radio guys talking about TO yesterday and it made me question my wager. I didn’t see all the game but they said he only had 2 catches for 17 yards or something but the thing that stood out was TO chasing a guy down the field after a turnover. If TO is buying in to “team”, I may have to also.