Yesterday I derided politics from the pulpit but this being my blog…now that’s different. I used to enjoy the political process but today I am simply cynical about people’s motives and real ability to make any difference.

McCain is suspending his campaign and possibly skipping tonight’s debate (what goofball plans a debate during Friday night football?) because of the economic crisis and negotiating. Obama and may others are blasting him for the decision. HEY MR. OBAMA, last time I checked you were still a Senator and have a job to do for your constituents. I think McCain should be thanked for being willing to do the job he has instead of focusing on the one he wants.

That said, HEY MCCAIN, say something. Make a stand and quit riding the fence. That goes for you too Obama. Say what you think and let the American people know what their future leaders think is the best option. Be a leader.

I want to vote for Bono for President. He was on CNN this morning and his honesty is refreshing. Today, his stated agenda was to thank the American public for the work and aid they have given to end malaria by 2015. Bono is a social activist and is, again, very honest that his celebrity gives him access other people don’t have. As he describes it, he works like a dog for better living conditions while he lives a very spoiled lifestyle at times. I appreciate him just saying that. Anyway, the interviewer tried to lead him down some roads of things that haven’t worked and Bono just kept saying “today, I’m here to punch the air for joy because of the good things that have been accomplished. I’m a fan of America and want to thank Americans for their help. I’ll talk to you another day about what hasn’t worked and how we can fix it.” I’m impressed by his manner and his honesty.

Oh, if you don’t know Bono, he’s the lead singer for U2. I’ve been listening to them since the very early 80’s and still enjoy their music.

I changed my header to use my “wordle”. You can type in stuff or enter the name of your blog at and it will give you one of these. It was fun but I doubt I’ll use it very long.

My children run again tomorrow (at different places naturally). I hope they have good runs, improve their times and help their teams. I have heard the Decatur girls team is ranked either 1st or 3rd in the state but don’t know where to find that information. Cool stuff.