It never ceases to amaze me how people in crisis either go to war or come together. I’ve seen it again this past week or so with our current economic situation as the House decided to fight among themselves while the Senate came together. It’s also evident when our country goes to war.

Even though a crisis can be very painful, it can also produce incredible results when people decide to work together. I wonder what the House will do next?

I’m looking forward to the VP debate tonight. I think we’ll know quickly whether Palin can carry her water or not. I hope her handlers will turn her loose and let her be herself instead of giving scripted answers to every question. I know that’s not how politics works these days but I’m ready for some straight talk and heartfelt ideas.

How about Warren Buffett pouring $8 billion or so into 2 companies over the past couple of weeks. Had I known I could take $8 billion and buy into GE and Goldman Sachs I’m sure I would have joined him. Ha-ha. Can you imagine having that much money available to you? He has certainly been good at picking his companies and making money – and to think he really likes eating at Dairy Queen. I wonder how many Hungr-Busters $8 billion will buy?

Day 1 of playoffs:
Phillies beat Cubs (rats!)
Red Sox beat Angels (yea!)
Dodgers beat Brewers (Manny being Manny)

I would like to see Tampa Bay go all the way just because of the “feel good” year they have had but would like the White Sox to put it together so Griffey Jr. could get a ring. I’m betting (invisible money) on the Rays though.