I have nothing today or I have a lot but can’t get it focused to write.

Pacman is in trouble again.

I’m interested in seeing the Ernie Davis story that comes out to theaters this Friday.

Chris Tomlin sings some powerful songs. I haven’t been a big fan of his in the past because I like my music a bit more “hard-charging” (think Seventh Day Slumber, Decypher Down, Audio Adrenaline) but Tomlin’s Amazing Grace and How Great is Our God can bring me to my knees.

Phillies and Dodgers start tonight. Yippee!

Baseball America comes out with their farm system rankings in the next few days. It’s rumored that the Rangers will rank 1 or 2 – up from 28th out of 30 teams a year ago. It’s been some good trading that has put a future in place for the Rangers but today that’ all it is – a future. We’ll see how they perform.

I can’t make any worthwhile assessment of T.O. but the man does seem troubled. I really hope he will be OK.

I told you there was nothing. Here’s to hoping you have a great day and feel the love of God surrounding you.