Yesterday was an incredible day at church. It was Missions Sunday and among other things we did, we had a special offering for our missions work. We set a goal of $30,000 which was based on a number of needs our current missionaries had sent us. When we set the goal, we didn’t anticipate the economic environment we have been exposed to the last few weeks. I still had hopes we would reach our goal but was also preparing myself for the fact that many people are probably more nervous than usual. I had worked on a speech in case we didn’t reach the goal that would still be encouraging. When the money was counted, we had received over $54,000 from our church. WOW! I was blown away. As I reflected on the day, 3 thoughts kept running through my mind.

First, what an incredibly faithful group of Christians. The people gave everything from coins to big checks because of their faith and desire to send the gospel to the world. I’m blessed to worship with them.

Second, as a member of the missions committee, I’m humbled by the faith the church places in each of us to use the money in ways that will glorify God.

Third, when I doubt and prepare my speeches, I wonder if God is sitting in heaven shaking His head and chuckling at me while He prepares to remind me who is really in charge. Yesterday was another 2X4 moment for me (this is what I call God’s pain-free method of hitting me in the head with a 2X4 showing me that I really don’t know much).

Who’s #1 now? I really thought Texas would struggle against Zero U but it turned in to a great game. Based on what has happened with the other #1 teams this year, I’m not sure it’s a good place to be right now but it’s always good to beat the Sooners.

Now I’ll starting fretting about Missouri.

My girl survived the Assault on Eagle Summit. The coach set up a killer course and our Decatur teams did well against the big schools.

God is in control. I hope to remember that better this week than I did last week.