You could be a Detroit Lions fan. What’s up with the Cowboys? Are the radio talking-heads paying them to provide fodder for the airwaves? Will Wade survive the week? the season? Does T.O. still play here? Why isn’t he complaining? Is Romo not as tough as Favre? Has the Cowboys defense been kidnapped and replaced with high school players? Wow.

The next time you smell moth balls, just remember it’s better than smelling a skunk. We had one invade our garage last week and got the animal control officer to come get it. Instead of capturing it and risk the possibility of spraying in the garage, he made a path for the skunk to leave on his own and chased it out with moth balls. Our garage doesn’t smell lemony-fresh but it doesn’t have skunk scent and I’m thankful for that.

What amazed me was that the skunk never sprayed the animal control guy even though the officer was very close to the skunk moving stuff around him and making lots of noise. I asked why and the officer said “he’s not scared enough to spray.” I said, “I am.”

Who’s #1. Oh yeah, that would be Texas. Another dominating effort Saturday although I would have liked to have seen a better 2nd half but Missouri is no slouch team. Okie State next weekend and I won’t be able to watch it. Egads.

Last night’s lesson included a story about some bad folks wanting to run Elisha out of town. Part of their shouting included calling him baldy and Elisha called on God who sent two bears after the crowd injuring 42 of them (I’m not doing the story justice in my brief description) and it reminded my of 8th grade. We had a coach who was going bald on wasn’t happy about it. A 9th grader kept calling him baldy and then threw a couple of small pebbles at the back of the coach’s head trying to hit his bald spot. The coach was carrying a wiffle ball bat in his hand and proceeded to give the kid a beating. Kid shows up at school the next day with a black eye and bruises on his arm…and his dad. Dad marches child into coaches office then coaches, kid and dad come into the locker room. Kid has to apologize to coach in front of everyone. Later, we ask kid what happened when he got home and found out his dad told him that is what will happen to him when he picks on someone he shouldn’t pick on.

Do you think that would happen today?

It’s much safer to be nice to people than taunt them.

Colin Powell is supporting Obama. Oh my.