Anybody staying up with me and watching baseball? If so, you might have seen David Price throw a few innings for the Rays. Price was pitching for Vanderbilt last year, he’s thrown in 5 big league games prior to the playoffs and he came in to close Game 7 against the Red Sox and closed the game last night to tie the World Series 1-1. This kid is lights out. A lefty throwing 95 and some wicked sliders and he’s a cool operator on the mound. Overall #1 pick last year in the draft. Wow.

The current economic situation and the “bailout” have really had me thinking about a lot of different things. Yesterday, I was thinking about all the folks who used to say AIDS was God’s punishment for homosexuality. I wonder if they are getting ready to start screaming that the financial crisis is God’s punishment to a country who lives in excess and is quickly drifting from His word. Now, I didn’t agree with the idea that AIDS was God’s punishment any more than I believe lung cancer is God’s punishment to smokers and I don’t believe that God flipped a switch on our economy either. Actions have consequences…that’s it…and sometimes it brings some pain. I’ve been there and I bet you have too. The good thing about the pain is that it often drives us to get healed and that often sends people running back to God. I know it has in my life.

America is a nation of stuff. Many of us have lots and lots of stuff (physical, emotional and spiritual) and sometimes the stuff has to be stripped away to realize that all we need is a very, very, very close relationship with God.

I don’t think God is driving this country’s problems but I do see it as an opportunity for people to get rid of their stuff, maybe even experience a painful crisis for it to happen, and return to a much simpler existence with God as the most important thing they have. I don’t know…just thinking.