Yes, it’s bad grammar. Yes, it was a horrible first half. Yes, Tech played a great game. It doesn’t make the losing any more fun though. I won’t guess what the two Texas players involved in the last two plays of the game were feeling. One let a game-ending interception slip out of his hands. The other got beat by the best receiver in college football for the game winning TD.

Texas still has a great team and if they will bounce back they may have a shot at the title before it’s all done with. I hope Texas fans will realize it’s more fun to have a team that can compete for a #1 ranking than to go 7-3 every year.

How ’bout them Cowboys? Where have you gone Jimmy Johnson? What have you done to us Jerry? I didn’t sit down to watch that game – thank goodness – and didn’t stay up to hear Dale Hansen’s commentary but I’m thinking the Cowboys are in a tough spot right now.

The mighty Decatur Eagles got roughed up by Vernon this weekend. Bridgeport is next week. Uh-oh.